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Intelligently tracks local daylight. With light quality that lasts 60 years.1

Engineered to support your body clock.

"When trying to recreate the characteristics of daylight, light quality is vital. So we developed a way to protect it for the long term."

Jake Dyson, Chief Lighting Engineer

Light quality that lasts decades1 

Without proper cooling, LEDs can quickly overheat, causing fading and discolouring. The Dyson Lightcycle™ uses Heat Pipe technology to efficiently cool the LEDs, protecting light quality for 60 years.1 This allows it to reliably adjust colour and brightness in relation to daylight.

Intelligently adjusts. For your time of day, task and age.

See how the Dyson Lightcycle™ tracks, senses and personalises light – supporting optimal illumination throughout the day.

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, yet poor lighting can affect our eyes and even our wellbeing.

Lightcycle™ 燈具的設計可減少眼睛疲勞2

就算您沒有注意到,但光線不足、炫光或閃爍都會增加眼睛的壓力。3 Lightcycle™ 工作燈提供的亮度超過1000 lux ,並搭配防眩光與低光學閃爍4 – 勝過建議的閱讀用照明度。5


當光線與日光衝突,很可能干擾您的生理時鐘 –影響您的感覺2以及生理運作。3 因此,不同於多數光線維持固定的檯燈,Lightycle™ 工作燈配合您當地的日光調整色溫與亮度,。

Auto-corrects brightness for your age

As we get older, our eye muscles weaken and the lenses harden – so we need up to four times more light. The Dyson Lightcycle™ automatically adjusts to give you the recommended brightness for your age.

The right light, at your fingertips.

Personalised light is made possible by the Dyson Link app. It continually communicates with the light to enable age-adjust, task modes and sleep-wake scheduling.

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