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Powerful light precisely where you need it.


Women in front of computer rubbing  her temples

Poor lighting takes its toll

Poor lighting can cause eyestrain and affect task performance.1 

Eyestrain can be triggered by prolonged
use of digital screens and poor lighting.
Good illumination from lighting and glare
control can help prevent eyestrain.1 

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Optimal lighting gets results

Combining suspended and task lighting can contribute to optimal visual conditions. Suspended lighting is used where it's needed and not wasted across the whole space. Task lighting provides localised illumination or specific tasks.


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Task lights with Heat pipe technology to cool LEDs. For powerful light, precisely where you need it.

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Dyson lights are engineered from the inside out, for optimum performance.

Combined up and down light with fully flexible control.

Jake and quote

"We knew there had to be a better way to utilise LED lighting. That's why our lights are designed from the inside out to solve problems and thinks about the user. Lighting should work properly as well as look good."

Jake Dyson - Chief Lighting Engineer

Dyson lighting has all these benefits

Powerful LED light.

Precise position and control.

Sustained LED brightness.

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