• 262AW

    of powerful suction1

  • 135,000rpm

    Spins 9x faster than a Formula One engine

  • 20% greater

    power density7


Traps unwanted particles with HEPA3


New Dust Detect LCD screen

Shows when your floor is clean

A piezo sensor counts and sizes particles – automatically increasing power where it detects more dust.5 The LCD screen shows you scientific proof of a deep clean – and your remaining run time.

The new Dust Detect LCD screen on the Dyson Gen5detect.
  • LCD screen categorising particles during cleaning.

    Displays particle sizes

    The LCD screen categorises the size of captured particles.

  • Multiple screens showing amounts of particles captured.

    Counts as you clean

    Coloured bars indicate high (blue), medium (white) or low (green) volumes of dust. Showing you where cleaning is needed.5

  • Dyson Dust Detect LCD screen displaying captured particle sizes.

    Proof of a hygienic home

    Displays a summary of what's been sucked up, for scientific proof of a deep clean.



Transforms to our most powerful handheld in seconds1

Click and go, for on-the-spot cleans

Waste no time switching to handheld. The Built-in dusting and crevice tool is always at your fingertips.

Close-up of the Dyson Gen5detect vacuum as a handheld.

Additional features

  • Cutaway of Dyson Motorbar cleaner head technology.

    Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head

    Intelligently adapts suction power to different floors.8 Hair removal vanes automatically de-tangle hair from the brush bar as you clean.

  • De-tangling Hair screw tool vacuuming a sofa.

    Hair screw tool

    Removes dust and hair from pet beds, mattresses and stairs. The de-tangling conical brush bar spirals hair straight into the bin – fast.

  • Close-up of the power button.

    New single-button power control

    Power at the touch of a button, with no trigger to hold.

  • Close-up of the handle.

    Redesigned grip for enhanced comfort

    Ergonomically redesigned handle helps adjust your grip, for a more comfortable clean.

Frequently asked questions

Weighing 3.2kg, the Dyson Gen5Detect™ vacuum is engineered for heavy duty performance for big cleans.

The Dyson Gen5Detect™ vacuum is the most powerful cordless vacuum. With up to 262 Air Watts of suction, it has the power of a Dyson corded vacuum.1

Included with the Dyson Gen5Detect™ vacuum is the Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head and the Hair screw tool. Both attachments are engineered to remove pet hair fast.

Included with the Dyson Gen5Detect™ vacuum is the Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head, engineered to reveal invisible dust on hard floors. While anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture fine dust from hard floors.

The battery detaches in a click, without the need for screws. So it's easy to uninstall and replace.

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4.25% of 5
  • Premium gift: Up top adaptor and mattress tool (worth $600 in total), available while stocks last.
  • Most powerful HEPA cordless vacuum. Reveals 2x more invisible dust. Automatically de-tangles hair. For all floors.
  • Removes and traps 99.9% of H1N1 virus with HEPA.
  • 70 minutes max run time. LCD screen shows when your floor is clean.
  • Piezo sensor automatically increases suction power according to dust sizes and counts.
  • Includes 2 cleaner heads, 8 accessories.
  • Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head

  • Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head

  • Built-in dusting and crevice tool

  • Awkward gap tool

  • Scratch-free dusting brush

  • Extension hose

  • Hair screw tool

  • Combination tool

  • Stubborn dirt brush

  • Mini soft dusting brush

  • Wall dok™

  • Charger

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