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Support for your Dyson Micro™ vacuum

Here you can find helpful tips, video guides, maintenance advice, your user manual and more.

The Dyson Micro vacuum shown full length, and a close up of the manifold.

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Set up

How to set up your Dyson Micro™ vacuum

User manual

Download the user manual for your Dyson Micro™ vacuum cleaner.

User manual



Charging your battery

The first battery charge can take up to 3.5 hours. Watch our how-to video or visit our battery care page for more information.


Dock set up and charging

You will receive one of the following docking stations with your machine.

Fitting the wall dock

Before setting up your wall dock please download your user manual and read the instructions carefully. Or watch our video guide.

Setting up the Floor Dok™

Please download your user manual and read the instructions before you begin. Or watch our how-to video.

Power modes

Getting to know your power modes

  • Eco mode

    Designed for everyday floor cleaning, Eco mode is engineered to deliver the optimum balance of power and run time. Press the Power button to turn the vacuum on and activate Eco mode.

  • MAX mode

    Maximum power, with a shorter run time. For intensive spot cleaning of ground-in dirt. Press the Mode Change button when the machine is working to switch MAX mode on and off.


Maintaining your machine

Watch our video guides on how to keep your machine performing at its best

  • Cleaning your bin

    You can maintain suction by emptying the bin before debris reaches the MAX line. The bin can also be fully removed from the machine for cleaning.

  • Checking for blockages

    If your machine detects a blockage, the motor will pulse six times to let you know. You won’t be able to use your machine until it's cleared. If this happens, remove the wand, bin and cleaner head and clear any blockages you find.

  • Washing your brush bar

    To maintain performance, it's important to keep your machine's washable brush bar clean. Simply detach, wash with cold water, leave to dry and reattach.

Changing the battery

With your machine unplugged from the charger, the battery can be replaced using a small Posidrive screwdriver.

Washing your filter

Your Dyson Micro™ vacuum has a washable filter. We recommend washing it once a month to maintain optimum suction power.

  • Filter being removed from vacuum

    1. Turn off your machine

    Disconnect your machine at the wall socket and twist the top to remove your Dyson filter.

  • Loose debris being shaken from filter

    2. Remove excess debris

    Tap your filter unit lightly on the side of the sink or in the bin, to remove any loose dust and debris.

  • Filter being rinsed under running water

    3. Rinse filter

    Wash your filter unit under the tap, gently squeezing the water out with your hands. Avoid using detergent or washing in a dishwasher or washing machine.

  • Filter held in two hands over a sink

    4. Give it a gentle shake

    Fill the filter unit with water. With one hand covering each end, shake it gently to ensure all trapped debris is released. Repeat this step until the water runs clear.

  • Filter placed on flat surface to dry

    5. Leave to dry for 24+ hours

    After washing the filter, leave to dry for at least 24 hours with the wider end positioned downwards.

  • Filter drying with space around it and near to a radiator

    6. Maximise airflow

    Leave your filter in a warm place with plenty of airflow until completely dry. This could be beside a fan or open window. Avoid drying the filter in a tumble dryer, microwave or near a naked flame.


Frequently asked questions

We recommend washing your filter once a month, or more frequently if you use your machine heavily. Simply wash with cold water and ensure it's completely dry before reattaching. The filter is not suitable for a dishwasher.

A full charge can take up to 3.5 hours.

Your battery has been designed to be left on charge, so it’s always ready for your next clean.

The blade of light is optimised to work on any smooth, hard floor – including white surfaces and wood laminate. Illumination is visible in most well-lit spaces. Direct sunlight (around 10,000+ lux) is not possible to outshine.


Dyson Micro™ accessories

Dyson-engineered accessories are ergonomically designed for cleaning up high, down low and everywhere in between.

  • Hair screw tool

    Picks up hair, fast. Anti-tangle conical brush bar spirals hair straight into the bin.

  • Worktop tool

    Engineered for cleaning kitchen worktops, tables and hard surfaces.

Need a different tool?

If you need attachments for other cleaning tasks around your home, click below to view the wide range of Dyson-engineered tools and accessories.

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