Attachments and accessories for your Dyson hair care technology

Dyson Corrale hair straightener, Dyson Airwrap multi-styler and Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Discover Dyson hair care attachments and accessories

Featured Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler attachments

  • New Coanda smoothing dryer

    Dry, smooth and hide flyaways* with one multi-functional attachment.

  • New 30mm Airwrap™ barrel

    Create voluminous clockwise and anti-clockwise curls – with one barrel.

  • New Soft smoothing brush

    Shape hair with increased control1, for straight styles using Enhanced Coanda airflow.

Featured Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer attachments

  • Gentle air attachment

    New Gentle air attachment

    Fast yet gentle styling for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

  • Supersonic™ Hair-dryer Exclusive Stand

    Dyson Supersonic™ Hair-dryer Exclusive Stand

    Equipped to store up to three magnetic attachments.

  • Flyaway attachment

    Flyaway attachment

    Hides flyaways under longer hair for a smooth, shiny finish.2

Direct from Dyson

* In use with Coanda smoothing dryer. For use on dry and straight[ened] hair.
1 Vs. original Airwrap™ smoothing brushes
2 For use on dry and straight[ened] hair.