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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

Automatically cleans and heats a whole room properly, capturing 99.95% of harmful pollutants.6

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

To simultaneously purify and heat a whole room properly, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifying fan heater goes beyond standard tests by automatically sensing pollution, capturing ultrafine pollutants, and projecting purified and heated air using Air Multiplier™ technology.¹

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Fast, safe, efficient heating

Positive Temperature Coefficient plates
Self-regulating ceramic plates are positioned at the front of the amp, to heat the air as it leaves the machine. As the plates heat up, they conduct less electricity to help ensure they don’t overheat.

Inner workings of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier

Thermostat control

Once your target temperature is reached, the machine automatically stops heating, which saves energy. If the temperature starts to drop, it reactivates to maintain it.

Inner workings of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier

Senses particles and gases, then reports them in real time

With three intelligent sensors, the Dyson air purifier automatically detects airborne particles and gases.2

X-ray view inside Dyson purifier fan heater

Live air quality and temperature reports on the LCD screen.
The machine's built-in LCD screen shows you room temperature, and which particles and gases it's detected

  • Diagrams particles and gases


  • Diagrams particles and gases

    PM10 level

  • Diagrams particles and gases

    PM2.5 level

  • Diagrams particles and gases

    Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂)

  • Diagrams particles and gases

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • Diagrams particles and gases

    Filter life

Captures pollutants you can't see

The machine uses two separate filters. They work together to capture ultrafine particles and gases from the air you breathe.

Harmful gases entering HEPA filter

Projects heated, purified air to every corner of the room

The machine projects over 290 litres of smooth, purified air per second. With 350˚ oscillation, it mixes and circulates the air to heat your whole room quickly and evenly.³

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier inside family home

You could use three products, for three jobs

A fan, a heater and a purifier

Or use one machine

A fan, a heater and a purifier
The Dyson purifying fan heater purifies your air, and maintains a comfortable temperature all year round. So you don’t need to switch between devices, or use up valuable storage space.

Auto mode. Maintains air quality and temperature, so you don't have to.

In Auto mode, the machine will automatically remove pollutants and maintain your target temperature. So you can continue your daily activities, while your air purifier monitors and reacts.

Putting Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier on Auto mode

Night-time mode. Comfort on colder nights.

This mode uses the machine's quietest settings, with a dimmed screen. While you sleep, it continues to monitor and respond to air quality – and maintains your target temperature.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier in bedroom

Monitor and control your machine, wherever you are

The Dyson Link app lets you control your machine – at home, or remotely. It gives you real-time reports on indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as temperature, humidity and filter life.⁴

Dyson Link app

Easy filter maintenance

Built-in reminders show you when each filter needs changing. It's quick and easy to do, to make sure you're always breathing purified air.

Demonstration of Dyson purifier filter being changed

Choose your model

  • Purifying heater in winter.
  • Purifying fan in summer.
  • Captures gases and 99.95% of fine particles¹.
  • Concentrated airflow for personal use.
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*Based on independent external testing of filters to the EN1822 standard. For bacteria size, please refer to Robertson, J., Gomersall, M., & Gill, P. (1975). Mycoplasma hominis: growth, reproduction, and isolation of small viable cells. Journal of bacteriology, 124(2), 1007-18. H1N1 was selected to represent virus in the independent external testing.
1The standard purification and heating performance tests are AHAM AC1-2015 and IEC 60675 respectively. Dyson goes beyond these, by testing filtration efficiency at 0.1 microns (EN1822), air projection (DTM801), purification coverage in a 81m3 room with multiple sensors (TM-003711) and heating performance in a 35m3 room with multiple sensors (DTM 961).
2PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, NO2
3In maximum setting. Tested for air projection (DTM801), purification coverage in a 81m3 room (TM-003711), and heating performance in a 35m3 room (DTM 961).
4Requires device to run app, 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, and Bluetooth 4.0 support. For app compatibility, please search for “Dyson Link” on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Standard data and messaging rates may apply.

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