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Dyson reports shows presence of allergens inside Hong Kong homes

Allergens are microscopic particles that can stick to dust and remain in soft furnishings, gaps in floor boards and tiny crevices. Sweeping and dusting may make surfaces look clean, but it can leave dust on surfaces.

Man looking through microscope at dust particles

Hidden dust of Hong Kong homes

During a study commissioned by Dyson, dust samples were collected from homes which used traditional cleaning method in Hong Kong. The samples focused on four primary areas including sofas, mattresses, carpets and car interiors.

Pile of dust with three types of allergens visible

What we found

Our analysis showed allergens that are commonly present in Hong Kong homes.

Dust and allergens visible on a mattress
  • Cockroach under UV lighting

    Traditional cleaning leaves bacteria on your floor

    Sweeping and dusting can stir dust particles back into the air, whilst mopping simply pushes wet dust around and in between floor crevices.

  • Dust mite under microscope

    Potentially harmful dust mite allergens were found throughout the home.

    On average, humans shed around 22g of dead skin cells a month. Microscopic dust mites feed on dead skin cells and have been found in dust collected from mattresses, carpets, and soft furnishings. Dust mite feaces contain highly-allergenic proteins that, when inhaled, can trigger asthma and other allergic conditions.

  • Dust allergen fibres

    Cars trap dust, mould and bacteria

    There are many types of mould found inside the home. Because mould is a type of fungi, it produces and releases millions of spores, small enough to be airborne. Mould allergens can cause sneezing, runny noses and itchy, watery eyes.

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Harmful allergens in the air can potentially affect long-term health.

The dust found in homes is a mixture of many potentially harmful materials. Microscopic allergens as small as 0.3 microns can be inhaled, causing potential skin and respiratory problems.

Dust visible in human lungs

Traditional cleaning methods leaves dust behind.

Sweeping and dusting can agitate dust so it becomes airborne again, only to settle somewhere else in the room.

  • Brush sweeping with visible dust

  • Mop sweeping with bacteria visible

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Woman cleaning around house using a Dyson V11
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It captures 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, and expels clean air.

Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner vacuuming up dust from the carpet

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